Choosing the Right Talent for a Beauty Pageant

contest talent

Many beauty pageants include a talent portion of the competition. When they do, this portion of the pageant provides numerous points for those that do well. It can also be an area of concern for competitors if they are not sure what to do.

Popular choices

The three most popular choices for talent are dance, song, and playing an instrument. Each of these takes skill and style and can be a hit with judges and the audience. If you select one of these options, you will have plenty of competition. To stand out, you need to do an awesome job or do something different. This may mean choosing a different style of music or including another twist in your performance.

Stand up acts

Another option is to perform some type of stand-up act. It may be a comedy routine or a monologue or you may choose to do a demonstration. While often seen as the choice for those with no “special” talent, it is actually a great idea for anyone that wants to stand out. To make this work, you must create emotion in your audience. Comedy has to make people laugh or it won’t work. If you opt for something serious and sad, you’d better bring the audience and judges to tears.

Double up

To really make an impression, try combining two talents in your act. Dance and sing, play an instrument while you sing, or even try dance while you play an instrument. Just make sure you are equally talented on each skill before you attempt both at the same time.

Be unique

Instead of sticking with what is traditionally done in beauty pageants, you can go your own way. Select something unusual like juggling or magic to thrill your audience. Find out what is allowed before you decide on a talent that is different, but don’t be afraid to try. You just never know when it might make you a winner.

Choosing the Perfect Evening Gown for a Beauty Pageant

beauty wearing a red evening gown

Gown Perfection

One of the most difficult tasks in getting ready for a beauty pageant is selecting the evening gown you will wear. There are so many beautiful options to choose from that it can be hard to decide on the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect gown for your winning walk.


Choose a gown that makes you feel confident. This is the most important feature of any gown and only you know which one will work. That means that you should select a gown that fits comfortably and only shows the features you like. If you think you don’t look good in a certain color, don’t wear it even if everyone else is telling you that it is a popular choice.


An evening gown should showcase your personality. If you are a bubbly, outgoing person, consider wearing a brightly-colored gown like yellow or pink. If you are quieter and more serious, try dark blue. Everything, including your gown, should fit the image you are trying to project.


Of course, you want a style that is modern and young like you, but you also want a style that fits the way you look. For instance, if you have long legs or a skinny waist, play that up in your gown choice. Beautiful shoulders may warrant a strapless gown. Also, think about how you will wear your hair with the gown to ensure you like the overall picture.


The gown itself is not what is being judged; it is you wearing the gown. Make sure you project a positive attitude when you wear it. Act confident and walk with poise and grace. With the right attitude, you can make any gown the right choice. Just don’t forget that you may be wearing it for your winning walk after you have been crowned.

Acing a Beauty Pageant Interview

Getting through an interview with the judges can be one of the hardest parts of participating in a beauty pageant. It can give you butterflies and make you nervous days before as you think about what questions will be asked and what your answers should be. Here are a few tips on acing that interview.

beauty with flower in her ear

Review your application

The judges will probably either have your application in front of them when they interview you or will have read it just prior to the interview. It would benefit you to also review it so you have an idea of some of the questions they may ask.
Practice your answers but keep it real
Try to find out as much information about the interview process as you can from previous contestants or those who have the knowledge. Then, take the time to practice your answers so you know what you’ll say and how to act confident. Just make sure that you keep things real and don’t sound too rehearsed. It is important to look prepared but not fake.

Dress for success

This is a motto for many business interviews, but it also applies to the world of beauty pageants. Wear an outfit that is appropriate and not too casual or too fancy. It should look professional but also give you confidence. You may want to pick a color you look good in or a style that helps you relax. It should be an outfit you have worn before so you aren’t worried that it doesn’t fit right or that it’s uncomfortable.

Be memorable

Try to find a natural way to stand out in the judges’ minds since they will be seeing a lot of contestants. It may be with an accessory or it may be in your personality. Don’t try to force it or it will seem contrived to the judges. For instance, if you have a quirky sense of humor, allow it to show through with your answers. However, if you are more of a serious person, don’t try to insert humor because it won’t work.

Be thorough

When asked a question, answer it thoroughly. Don’t just give a yes or no answer, but add clarification. On the other hand, don’t drag out your answer too long or the judges will get bored.

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